Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Carnival Hearts & Arts Parade Eve

       Time has flown and we can't believe the Carnival is TOMORROW. We've been working really hard to throw a fantastic celebration for all you artists, art lovers, music lovers and picnickers. We even went in for a promo spot on KRUI yesterday. Emily and Skye did a wonderful job talking about all the great stuff that's going on all afternoon tomorrow at Happy Hollow Park. See?

So we're stoked about tomorrow and hope that you all have told your friends about this amazing community event. We'd like to give you one more little sneak peak at the art displays and vendors you can expect to see waiting for you in the sunshine.

Rusy La Rue will be there with lovely feathered and leathered fineries.

Nateasa McGuire & Sarah Klahs will be busting out the interactive crafts. Maybe you can leave the park with a pretty little souvenir.

Adrianne Behning will be debuting all sorts of lacy accessories, cat toys and local photography.

Christopher Merkle-Carrasco will have some lovely printmaking designs to please your eyes.

Alex Iaccarino will hopefully be bringing the photos and drawings that we have been eyeballing at

Lens in Hand will be adding to the beautiful photography at the park. Check 'em out at

Chad Petersen have his blown glass designs sparkling in the sunlight.
Jason Salek is busting out his zine....we love zines. Come pick one up. 

There are many more amazing artists that will be rounding out this excellent spread of creative works, but if you want to find out who they are, you need to walk on down to Happy Hollow Park, which is a lovely 10-minute stroll from downtown.  (Brown Street between Lucas and Governor)

We'll all be waiting for you with treats, music, pretties for you to look at or buy, writers, jokes, and an opportunity to hang out with all the other folks in town who dig all the fantastic art saturating this city!

Bring sunscreen, a blanket, your (nice) dog, a camera and some friends and spend the afternoon with the Carnival Hearts & Arts Collective & Friends.

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