Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NOV 13, 2010: Olivia Rose Muzzy, Alex Body & Stephanie Rearick at The Mill!


Two of our local loves:

Olivia Rose Muzzy
(who we haven't heard perform around here since our Carnival Hearts & Arts Parade on Sept 12th)
Alex Body (it doesn't matter how often this gentledude plays, his music is so super engaging and he will be generously running sound at this show, too)
totally kick-ass female performer from Madison, Stephanie Rearick!

This will be an evening of solid, intimate & sincere music-making not to be missed, no matter what kind of music you're into.
$6 doors at 9 pm, music at 9:30


"You hear intimate confessions that balance winsome and anguished singing in an ongoing dialogue with her keyboard, which alternates rock 'n' roll drive, boogie-woogie bounce and a dark severity that recalls classical etudes and the brooding fire of avant-garde jazz master Cecil Taylor. ...Rearick's balance of "happy accidents" and deliberate form shows artistic maturity, even as she grows increasingly expressive. She has shorn some precious techno-baroque effects and cranked up emotional resonance. Her protective weapon is music, loaded with creative energy, vision and hope."

- Capital Times album review

Thanks to Andre Perry, who introduced me to Stephanie back in 2007 during a Lonelyhearts/Skursula mini-tour, I've had the honor of playing with Stephanie twice in Madison at her amazing cafe & venue, Mother Fool's Coffeehouse.  Not only is she an outstanding musician, but a super rad lady to talk to--so come out on Saturday and meet this stunning human being.  You won't regret it.  ---skye