Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Day in A Nutshell, er, a Slideshow

Thank you to everyone who joined us in the park on Sunday. As you saw, it was a great event. Gorgeous day, amazing music (seriously blew my mind), many of us bought some handmade items that we fell in love with.  Some zombies even showed up.We laid on blankets under a giant tree and listened to local writers read their stories and poems while kids blew bubbles and hula hooped behind us. 10 performances, 5 writers, 15+ art/craft vendors, Java House pastries, lots of great people hanging out in a park....what's not to love? You won't want to miss the next one. 

Want to be involved? Email us at  or find us on facebook.

Oh, and check out the sights from the day at Adrianne Behning's flickr set here.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Carnival Hearts & Arts Parade Eve

       Time has flown and we can't believe the Carnival is TOMORROW. We've been working really hard to throw a fantastic celebration for all you artists, art lovers, music lovers and picnickers. We even went in for a promo spot on KRUI yesterday. Emily and Skye did a wonderful job talking about all the great stuff that's going on all afternoon tomorrow at Happy Hollow Park. See?

So we're stoked about tomorrow and hope that you all have told your friends about this amazing community event. We'd like to give you one more little sneak peak at the art displays and vendors you can expect to see waiting for you in the sunshine.

Rusy La Rue will be there with lovely feathered and leathered fineries.

Nateasa McGuire & Sarah Klahs will be busting out the interactive crafts. Maybe you can leave the park with a pretty little souvenir.

Adrianne Behning will be debuting all sorts of lacy accessories, cat toys and local photography.

Christopher Merkle-Carrasco will have some lovely printmaking designs to please your eyes.

Alex Iaccarino will hopefully be bringing the photos and drawings that we have been eyeballing at

Lens in Hand will be adding to the beautiful photography at the park. Check 'em out at

Chad Petersen have his blown glass designs sparkling in the sunlight.
Jason Salek is busting out his zine....we love zines. Come pick one up. 

There are many more amazing artists that will be rounding out this excellent spread of creative works, but if you want to find out who they are, you need to walk on down to Happy Hollow Park, which is a lovely 10-minute stroll from downtown.  (Brown Street between Lucas and Governor)

We'll all be waiting for you with treats, music, pretties for you to look at or buy, writers, jokes, and an opportunity to hang out with all the other folks in town who dig all the fantastic art saturating this city!

Bring sunscreen, a blanket, your (nice) dog, a camera and some friends and spend the afternoon with the Carnival Hearts & Arts Collective & Friends.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sneak Peek at Some Art and Craft Vendors....more to come!

Here's a sneak peak at just a few of the art and craft vendors that will be spending the day at the Carnival Heart's and Arts Parade this Sunday! If you want to see everything the carnival has to offer, you gotta c'mon down. We'll be at Happy Hollow Park at the corner of Brown and Lucas Streets.

No Tengo Miedo

Beautiful handmade clay designs that look like they've always existed and belong in your home.

Cicada Grove

Graphic design and screenprinting that any Iowan can get behind. Find a variety of items like t-shirts, notecards and posters.

Dewey Street Photo Company

"Elegantly offbeat since 2008" DSPC brings a variety of breathtaking photos of everything from zombies to wildlife to album artwork.

Skimpily Clawd

Adorable handmade designs for the saucy pin up in you.

Check back tomorrow for more artists sneak peeks and then we'll see you Sunday from 1-7 for the art, the music, the snacks, the people...basically it's one big free party. Bring a blanket, a picnic lunch and at least two friends.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Spread the word! Tell your neighbors, your Gramma & start packing the picnic basket! Iowa City's Carnival Hearts & Arts Collective is putting on its second outdoor-arts event on Sunday, September 12th in Happy Hollow Park, 1 pm - 7 pm.

MANY big bear hugs to all of the devoted folks who helped to make May 30th's Carnival Hearts & Arts Parade a lovely success. Now we are extremely stoked to do this thing again amidst Iowa's pretty autumn-time, with over 40 participants. The afternoon of September 12th will feature a diverse representation of the artistic & musical creativity that goes down in our community all year-round, in every nook & cranny. And this time, with a brand new medium....the written word!

Several remarkably passionate, awesome Iowa City writers have offered their presence in Sept 12th's CHAP. These folks are fearless with their words. Each having their own unique existence in Iowa City, we will have the pleasure of listening to their readings throughout the afternoon!

Check these literary gems out!

Brett Brinkmeyer

Brett Brinkmeyer is a 30 year-old student at the University of Iowa. He was born in Iowa and has lived in Ames for most of his life. The aim of his art is to share moments of enlightenment and peace. Brett is currently working on a project that looks to the movement of lines in order to shed light on definitions of both form and sources of agency. He will have copies of the first part of his project available at the Parade.

Melissa Ginsburg

Melissa Ginsburg is author of the chapbook Arbor (New Michigan Press)
and the book of poems, Dear Weather Ghost, forthcoming from Four Way
Books. Her poems have appeared in Seneca Review, Field, Pleiades,
Forklift Ohio, and other magazines. She lives in Iowa City.

Mary Hickman

Mary Hickman grew up in China as the daughter of Bible-smuggling missionaries. A graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, she lives in Iowa City where she runs Cosa Nostra Editions and makes artist books with the Center for the Book. Her chapbook How to be Healthy and Heal was printed in a limited run letterpress edition. Projective Industries released her second chapbook, Ecce Animot, last spring.

Nick Twemlow

Nick Twemlow is the author of the chapbook Your Mouth is Everywhere (Racquetball Tournament Press). He co-edits Canarium Books, and is poetry editor of The Iowa Review. He studies film and video production in the MFA program at the University of Iowa. He misses his old cat, Sock Puppet, who now lives on a farm outside of town.

Yale Cohn of Little Village Magazine

Yale Cohn loves writing about living Iowa City but he loves living in Iowa City even more. Somewhere between the high-minded, ivory tower, academic navel gazing and beer swilling, sidewalk puking, college girl boob flashing is the true character of this town and most of the time it’s pretty damn amusing to him.

Enjoy! Check back soon for expert instructions on picnic-packing.


Friday, September 3, 2010

The Sounds of Carnival Hearts & Arts

Olivia Rose Muzzy

Often found playing her double bass barefoot; Olivia enchants her audiences with haunting layers of sound. She truly uses every part of her bass to make sweet melodies. Whether Olivia's tapping on her bass with a drumstick, picking the strings with her fingertips or using her bow, the sounds she makes will leave you wanting more. Her voice will grab you from the first note and not let go until she feels the time is right.

Ellis Bell

Front man Vincent Peiffer draws his band’s name from the pen name of author Emily Brontë. You might remember her little novel titled Wuthering Heights. A hopeless romantic and storyteller in his own right, Vincent Peiffer weaves tales that make you linger on every word. Vincent, Kendall, and Max’s acoustic stylings are a perfect fit for their long narratives.

Sam Knutson

Sam is a staple here in Iowa City. You might have seen him doing sound at The Mill or more likely seen one of his bands performing around town. Shame Train and Shame Stevens are equally amazing. Sam’s first album arrived in 1994. His musings on love often leave the listener hopeful things are going to work out.


Hailing from the fertile soil of Ames, IA, Pennyhawk sings songs about family, pain, and love. Their vocal harmonies so crisp and sweet like an apple ripe for the picking. They have a bit of witty gypsy jazz in them too. Kate and her band will keep you on the edge of your seats wanting more.

Phil Ochs of Star City

Born and raised in Iowa City, Phil has been playing the guitar forever. He uses his trusty electric while performing in front of people, but plays his acoustic to his cat Panda Bear at home. Phil has traveled form Belfast, Maine to Honolulu, Hawaii and back again. He writes songs about stingrays, exploding stars, extinct flowers and distant planets. Phil sings in a voice only audible to whales, dolphins and Jupiter. Mr. Ochs enjoys making comic books and movies when not creating music.


With music that could easily fit in a Hitchcock film, Chris and Matt create songs using a table full of gadgets and wires. Electric guitar is also used, but rather than playing straightforward chords, LWA is more interested in the other sounds they can force it to do. They create a cacophony of sound that is capable of making your brain explode.

Coyote Slingshot

Pioneering the Fairfield sound, Dominic Rabalais of Coyote slingshot will bring his punk ensemble to the Carnival this year. He performed with his other band Utopia Park at the inaugural Hearts & Arts Festival. Dominic’s catchy riffs and witty lyrics will keep you entertained for hours. In his words, “terrible times call for brave time punk loudness.”


Mumfords is a band named after the jazz drummer Don Munford who briefly lived in Ames and sowed the seeds for a local music scene. The band started as a folky project with yelling and screaming and grew into a freaky horn-oriented dance band. The live shows have a fun-loving party vibe but are also vaguely evil. Mumfords has released an EP and a full-length album. In October, they are releasing a 7" split with Samuel Locke Ward and the Boo Hoos. There is another full-length album on the way for 2011 as well as two more 7" releases.

Samuel Locke Ward & the Screaming Babies

Local DIY hero and long time staple in Iowa City, Sam Locke Ward will be performing one of two shows ever with the late great Ed Gray & amazing Ross Meyer backing him. Releasing his first material way back in 1997, Sam has steadily been gaining strength and popularity. With nine solo albums under his belt, Sam will be performing from his back catalog as well as a bunch of new tracks off his recent effort titled Barely Regal Beagles.

The Hot Club

An Iowa City incarnation of The Hot Club of Davenport with two guitars, bass, drums, and a bit of singing. Expect jazz standards from the 20's-40's along with the traditional gypsy jazz repertoire. These folks will have you on you feet dancing to the beat within seconds of their opening song.