Sunday, December 18, 2011

what the thunder said

what the thunder said

let’s take off those 
hats we wear let them blow
away in the wind
that runs high across the prairies we've yet
to see them 
let’s relate 
to the wind is
the chief is
the way to the heart is the chief is
the way to the true mind is the chief is the way to
love is the chief
is an action, not a promise
we        notice        
     the finch
                  swelling with song
at the tip of the mountain

what the sand crab sees

 i.                    tide pools

the children run barefoot
down the steepest dune as fast as they can, 
careful not to land on any sharp sticks.

at the bottom of the dune,
their father is smiling
and his caring hands
ii.                  are full with sea water

i see now that this is the holy water
feeding the flowering marram grasses,
their seed heads rising above leaf spikes
that witness the glinting ocean all winter long.

Swaying to the sound of inspired gulls and primordial crashing,
this is our burial music.
this is the detraining song.

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