Monday, April 25, 2011

Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are.....

I know you can't walk down the block in this town without tripping over some amazingly creative person. So let's see all of you get out of those winter coats and get involved with the next Carnival Hearts and Arts Parade.

                                 Saturday, May 21st :::: 2-8pm.
                                        Happy Hollow Park

  Picture it: You're sitting under a shady tree in the park. Your work sparkles in the May sunlight. Someone compliments your work. You smile. Someone hands you some cash. You smile bigger and hand them your work. Then you hear the band start up as someone hands you a cupcake. You know you want this to be your Saturday afternoon.

We want you closeted and shy artists to be proud and join our little community in Happy Hollow Park
If you've never displayed or sold your art work, you belong in the circle of vendors. If you've sold a million pieces all over the place, you need to put your toes in the grass with us. If you fall somewhere in between, you probably were with us once before and should do it again.

Email us, look at our last few blog posts for details. make a little time. have a great afternoon.



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